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Revenue Share

Earn with $XFER

Revenue Share

Stake your $XFER and earn $xETH!
There are profits received from every Space Bridge trade that will be shared through the Space Mine (stake pool). Holders can stake their $XFER tokens to access rewards which are paid out in xETH!

How do i stake $XFER?

Visit the staking dapp at the following link:
Connect your wallet
Select the amount of $XFER you wish to stake
Click stake, and follow the approval process through your wallet
Congratulations, you have now staked you $XFER - Get ready for your rewards!

When can I claim my rewards?

xETH rewards will be claimable in due course.
A 1% unstake fee to avoid pool sniping which goes to a community pool of funds which are voted on in the Premium Group.

$xETH Reward Share Airdrop

Holders of $xETH will be airdropped equivalent ETH 1:1.